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Alpha Events and Rentals



Alpha Events and Rentals is a balloon decor/prop hire/rental company that is proudly thriving in Richmond, Virginia and surrounding counties.
We provide balloon decor, focal point set ups and party rentals for all celebrations including birthdays, baby showers, holidays, gender reveals, graduations, weddings, corporate and more. If you can celebrate it, we can help add a glamorous touch that will WOW you and your guests!  Our company is dedicated  to creating beautiful, custom balloon designs, while giving our customers high quality professional service. 


Balloon business owner and her daughter posing for a photo.

Hi, I'm Mrs. Alpha and I am the creator behind this balloon business.


I am the mother of a beautiful, smart, creative and caring daughter who is my biggest cheerleader and the biggest why behind how this business started. She has been with me since day one on many deliveries and helping out at event setups. She's also the final decision maker on majority of the balloon bouquets I create.


During the pandemic in 2020, Alpha Events and Rentals was created. It all began with being the decorator for my mother's birthday party and I blew her and her guests away with my vision! During the planning process, I fell in love with the art of balloons.


  Following her birthday party and seeing my capabilities, I took it a step further and decided to pre-make and sell five balloon bouquets for Mother's Day of 2020.  Some may have thought I was crazy, not having the first client but only I could see my vision! Going forward, all five sold, four more were requested and I never looked back!

The name Alpha was suggested by my father and was piggy backed off of my brother's thriving pallet company, called Alpha Recycling and Hauling. If you look further into the name of what an alpha female is, you would understand why I felt it was the perfect fit, along with keeping the name in the family.

  My goal is to help each client celebrate their event with my unique balloon art and also inspire those while on this journey of creating the life that I want.


  It's a honor to be apart of so many people's special moments and memories. The memories last well beyond the actual moment, so why not make it colorful as possible with balloons!


 I look forward to working with you on your next event!

"Create the life you want!"

-Mrs. Alpha

Balloon business owner creating a balloon arch.
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